We are driven by the infinite quest to answer,
What’s Next? We are resilient, value execution built upon the underpinnings of trust and integrity, and seek to cohesively forge a new standard of excellence every single day.

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Our Team

We are an ever evolving collection of individual creativity bound together by our collective pursuit of impact and excellence. Every member of the Swoop team brings something irreplaceable, and we are each other’s greatest champions, constantly pushing one another to be better. We come from a wide array of backgrounds, interwoven together by a common denominator of discovery and exploration for new truths.

Our Opportunity

We are on a mission to build an operating system for the physical world. In its finest form, technology holds the promise of exploration and change that advances what is good in the world. Our team lives this promise daily, growing, learning, challenging assertions, and exploring the boundaries of possibility. If you have a limitless thirst to learn, unwaveringly support your teammates, persevere in the face of adversity, and believe integrity is defined by your actions when no one is watching, you are a Swooper.

Our Principles

  • We are Driven by Discovery

    We are motivated to discover the meaning within the data, the next innovation to our product, the missing link to our team.

  • We are Winners

    We persevere and are resilient, with every challenge adding new collective strength to the team.

  • We do Things Our Own Way

    We acknowledge that what has been done before may not be right for us, and are committed to the path that will build the best Swoop.

  • We Embrace Change

    We constantly adapt to circumstances in order to solve the problem at hand.

  • We Decipher the Details

    We get deep into the weeds, questioning how and why something works.

  • We Differentiate through Engineering

    We consistently handle the hard problems, making decisions and operating systematically.