Introducing a secure, distributed operating system for the physical world.

Unlock the autonomous and programmable edge.

Unlocking the Edge

It is time to get out of the cloud and to the edge.

The edge is the operational environment where data is produced, consumed, or networked to drive outcomes. It is the sensor, the network endpoint, the operational technology, the human. It is the arena where action can be taken to change the course of the physical world.

The Edge is Programmable

Systems are reconfigurable and edge assets are capable of serving new purposes.

Swoop unlocks new functionality in edge assets by making them programmable. Whether it is legacy or next generation equipment, Swoop allows systems to be interoperated, modernized, and their purposes reimagined all through software.

We challenge paradigms by answering questions like:

  • What if real-world data can be interpreted without conditioning?

  • What if the diversity and quantum of data can truly be leveraged as an asset instead of being a costly burden?

  • What if search does not end with a result but with an autonomous action?

  • What if we do not have to wait for 5G or 6G to blanket the earth, and transport is treated as a commodity?

  • What if we can reverse the cyber economics associated with deterring threats?

  • What if GPS no longer needs to be constellations of vulnerable satellites in space, but can be recreated agnostic to domain?

We impact the world’s highest critical needs.

We are purposeful in directing our technology toward solving some of the most important problems. We are building a future in which critical infrastructure, smart grids, manufacturing, and supply chains are rapidly adaptive, where advancements are programmed into existing systems at a fraction of the cost. We are: