An operating system platform to map, secure, and intelligently orchestrate device infrastructure at the edge.


Translate data into autonomous applications that program the edge to achieve outcomes.


A search engine that converts results into autonomous applications that run across a distributed, disaggregated control plane at the edge. The SwoopSpace makes it possible to understand structured and unstructured heterogeneous data in order to elevate the command of systems running in the physical world.


Unifies data, network, and trust management, ushering in a new model of distributed control to keep up with an increasingly diverse, proliferating, and complex data and asset environment.


An operating system built upon a new bedrock of security to command and control the physical world, where the network is the platform.


A kernel securely partitioned across space, time, and power from the host legacy OS that schedules and manages a distributed interrupt system. Skipper provides a hardware agnostic and legacy compatible trusted enclave to run edge applications.


Enables users to define programmable mesh networks that secure and interoperate disparate connected systems. SCN is backwards compatible with legacy protocols while also unleashing novel mesh protocols to make networking a distributed compute platform.


An ecosystem of new possibilities, born from harnessing data and next generation distributed command and control of the physical world.

Cyber Sonar

A security software that holistically leverages artifacts of the physical world to proactively protect and defend the Swoop platform. Cyber Sonar reverses the cyber economics of today to build a more secure future.


Autonomously maps, characterizes, and monitors IT, OT, and networks. Nightcrawler transforms asset visibility into a platform from which device management is made seamless.


Programmable framework that translates search results into autonomous agents which persist within the Swoop Fabric at the edge. Knowledge management moves out of a database and takes its place in autonomy.


A brokering API and SDK to enable 3rd party AI, ML, and advanced algorithms to be run against Swoop Core data or within the Swoop Fabric at the Edge. Developers inherit data normalization, cross-model coordination, and predictable data inputs to streamline the deployment of AI.


A programmable framework to impose actions upon physical systems when a signature matches. Orders transform physical equipment into autonomous, software defined hardware, existing to achieve outcomes.

Our Impact

  • Data becomes the input into an engine generating autonomous applications

  • Agile modernization of infrastructure that also protects legacy investments

  • New bedrock of security that resets the power dynamic between attack and defense

  • Programmable interoperability to liberate proprietary vendor silos

  • Network as a platform for a new generation of protocols and compute