The Platform To Control mission critical infrastructure

Delivering an Ecosystem of Autonomous Applications

The Swoop Platform consists of our
Operating System + Control Plane


An operating system built from the ground up that runs directly on any hardware to unify security, networking, and processing.

Swoop Control Plane

A single pane of glass that orchestrates applications across Cloud, Enterprise, and Edge to drive real-time reprogrammability into critical infrastructure.

Key technical features


Eliminate the vulnerabilities in traditional operating systems and dynamically set policies to instantly modernize your security.

Transport Agnostic

Seamlessly operate across all available networking infrastructure, such as: 5G, fiber, RF, microwave, and satellite.


Autonomously schedule applications and ML models across all resources, leveraging every data feed and sensor available.


Integrate hardware generations, disjointed networking protocols, and cryptography suites.


Only run what you need when you need it.


Uninterrupted operations in the midst of networking, hardware, and data failures.

The platform supports an ecosystem of applications,
each inheriting the capabilities of the underlying SwoopOS.