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Shae + Shoua

Our Values and Culture

We are driven by a shared passion for making a positive impact on the world. We believe in the power of change and actively embrace it, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. 


Our commitment to doing things our own way encourages creativity, independence, and ownership, fostering a unique and dynamic work environment. We place trust and empowerment at the forefront of our culture, recognizing that individuals’ contributions are the cornerstone of our success. 


Through collaborative innovation, we harness the collective creativity and expertise of our team members to bring our mission to life.

Meet Swoopers

Ben Ruble

Principal Engineer

“I chose Swoop because I believe in the mission of the company, I desire to build meaningful software the world needs, and I value the opportunity to work with driven, talented people. I love the sheer amount of building we get to do and the space for creativity allowed within our process. The nature of our platform has opened up many new possibilities and the team fosters all ideas. The high level of ownership and responsibility expected are very fulfilling.”

Chad Deraps

Embedded Engineer

The edge at Swoop is not your typical firmware or embedded environment. We are developing the Swoop Operating System to work on modern high performance platforms with rich feature sets. From virtual memory to multi-processor management to operating system services to interconnect device drivers to edge focused applications, we get to do it all.”

Sassa Kangas


“Being part of this team has been a constant opportunity to learn, impact, and grow. It’s incredible to be surrounded daily by such a phenomenal group of brilliant, multifaceted minds, and the onwards-and-upwards mentality demonstrated in every Swooper is such an unmatched experience.”

KC Shaw

Deployment and Security Lead

“I worked for 20 years at the pinnacle of special operations; I wanted to find the same ethos in a private company. Swoop delivers and more.

I operate across engineering, customer engagement, operations, and cyber security. Everything is a challenge, but it helps to have like minded teammates that are solution oriented with a good eye on balance. I work with Engineers to ensure technically we are driving value while also mentoring to ensure time is efficient, people are balanced and perspectives are valued.”

Grace Arenson

Principal Engineer

“As a Swooper, I get to work on security, web applications, and architecting solutions to really hard use cases. I get to do this with a team of incredibly talented engineers and people. We dig deep into problems and work on a product that impacts national security. It’s really meaningful to be a Swooper.”

Lukas Viskanta


“I chose Swoop because I wanted a challenge to test the limits of my design capabilities. Working here, I’ve led projects beyond what I thought I was capable of and have grown from each experience. Utilizing new solutions to solve old problems is part of what led me here, and I’m excited to say it’s been well worth the effort!”

Our Interview Process

We tailor our interview format based on your skills and the role, aiming to provide every candidate with an opportunity to shine.

While there might be nuances to your interview process, here’s what you can expect:

Initial call with a recruiter on our team to learn more about your background

Technical Screen: 

60 minute session evaluating your skills

 and experiences

Virtual On-site:

3-4 sessions covering 

skill set evaluation, your experiences, and our company culture

Meet a Co-Founder

Job Offer